How it Works

Introduction to Safari S.P.I.C.E. Video


What's the Cost?

The value that Safari S.P.I.C.E brings to your program is immense compared to the cost. You can get Safari S.P.I.C.E for your program for as low as $1.65 per day! Paid annualy in a sum of $600.00 - it's a steal of a deal!

Or choose our package deal and receive a three hour workshop of your choosing for up to 25 participants, plus a one year membership to Safari S.P.I.C.E., all for $1050.00. This is a $300.00 savings! Head to the Resources page to see our workshop list and learn more. 

The Constantly Expanding Activity Library

We know you are always on the lookout for new activities, and who better to help you on your search than other early childhood professionals?

As part of your membership, you are able to share activities with other Safari S.P.I.C.E. members and them with you!

Choose an activity that you and the children love such as a science experiment, song, or physical activity and submit it from your member dashboard. Our team will review your activity to ensure it matches the quality of our current activities and has not already been submitted by someone else, then approve it so it is added to the library.

As you and other members add activities, the library grows continuously, ensuring there are always new activities for you to enjoy with the children in your care. The more you share with your colleagues, the more their practice will grow and the more they can then, in turn, share with you.

Furthermore, for each of the first 12 activities you submit that are approved and added to the activity library, you will receive $10 off your next Safari S.P.I.C.E. membership, up to a total discount of $120!

Tips for Using Safari S.P.I.C.E.

  • Your planning is just a guide. You don't have to stick to it!
    If you've planned some high energy physical activities, but the children come in quiet and tired, ignore your schedule and read some books together or do some quiet art activities. If you've planned for one activity to start at a certain time but the children are completely engaged with something else, support them in what they are already doing. It's important to be prepared for your day by having a plan, but it is even more important to observe the children and meet them where they're at in the moment. You can always use what you've planned at another time.
  • Repetition! Who says you have to have new activities each day?
    In fact, that's not how children learn. Children, and adults, need time to explore a new environment or new materials at their own pace. If you find an activity you like in the activity library, put it in your schedule for a few days to see if the children engage in and enjoy it. If not, look for something new. If they do, continue adding it to your plan and adapting it to their needs and interests until the children tell you they're done, either with their words or their actions. Remember, your planning should reflect the needs and interests of the children.
  • Use a variety of activities at once.
    We know that you aren't going to move from activity to activity as a whole group all day. Choose a variety of activities and have them ready and available for children to choose from as they see fit. When children are free to choose where they spend their time they will be more engaged in the activity, deepening their learning.
  • Regularly check out the Resources section of your member dashboard.
    We are always updating the resources section with new tips, strategies, research, and trainings to help you
    enrich your practice and grow as an early childhood professional.